The Bridalwear market in India is booming like never before. All brides want to look nothing short of stunning on their D-day and they surely have some spellbinding options to get dressed as in their dreams. Being responsible for turning the face of Indian fashion industry with marvelous amalgamation of traditional outfits magnificently blended with western style , along with womanish drapes and silhouettes, is every fashion designers wildest dream. But Asma has been fearless to experiment with her designs and has redefined the shape of Indian fashion industry with her flamboyant prints and designs, appealing to classes . Today she is among the most influential and dynamic fashion icon in India.

Asma Gulzar hails from New Delhi and designs only for women. She did her schooling from BVM, Lucknow and then completed Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Asma started her career as a designer with a friend in New Delhi in 2002 and created her first independent collection Aida in 2008. This collection was based on authentic and best quality Lucknowi Base Mori and Shadow work. Asma won the best designer award from the ambassador of Dubai in 2004. She opened a flagship store in New Delhi, India, showcasing Ougan, Gyans and Aza in Delhi and Designer Lounge, Aara, Golden Needle, Vesime and Cross Over India in Dubai. Asma’s clientele includes bollywoodcelebriities and known international corporates. She is best known for her Pretline Collections, Couture Collections, Indo-British Gowns, Bridal Made and Capes. She frequently uses rich fabrics like Velvet, Scuba, Kimkhab and Pure. She regularly does fashion shows in London, Dubai and New York. Asma has designed clothes for many page3 and Bollywood personalities.

Meet the classy and talented  fashion designer,  Asma Gulzar in a quick chat with Ravishing Wedding as she tells the story of her success and more.

How would you define fashion?
Fashion is creativity that the customer chooses for elegance and confidence such that it can be called a style statment. Fashion is art and also a commercial product. Its an expression to brand ourselves as well as a medium of expression of our state of mind.

How would you relate past and present fashion trends?
People are looking for high-fashion. I think each woman will create her style and personality. The world is open now. No matter how old a fashion trend is, it can never go out of style. Reason for return of old fashion could be because young adults are more fascinated and intrigued with television and reality shows. Fashion repeats itself after almost 20 years. Good fashion never goes out of style.

How comfortable are you working hands on with models and other designers?
I work hands on with models and it helps a lot in castings, fittings and backstage. I can confidently say that I get along well with all the designers.

You draw your inspiration from any person or a thing?
I derive immense inspiration from the Indian nobility and royalty. The designs are rich, creative, innovative and elaborate. Such designs have an iconic rug, which bring out the precious and treasured tradition, together with contemporary style and classic antiquity, which builds a timeless fashion.

What do you consider are the important facets for being in the fashion industry?
It’s important to have creativity, & pin point what is most important in fashion industry for the customers because many factors contribute to it. Its important to have good design, something which is sustainable as well as contemporary, proper marketing and also having ethical guildelines. Some other aspects are distribution, production , the story of product, pricing, quality.

What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?
Imagination/Visualization ability
To have good visual communication
Strong understanding of marketing & advertising
Strong business sense
Good illustration skills
Awareness of new technology
Knowledge of current fashion trends
Flawless execution
Context (bring ideas which are relevant now)
Good networking circle
Good research and strategic planning

How would you deal with clients who have very specific demands?
Well, I simply work towards fulfilling their expectations and convincing them about my brand image. After all, good work speaks for itself and it surely makes its way into your heart.

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