Planning a summer wedding? Follow these tips for guaranteed fabulous warm-weather nuptials.

There’s nothing more idyllic than a summer wedding. With days so long and the weather so spectacular, why wouldn’t you want to host your nuptials in the sun-soaked outdoors? But don’t forget, when it comes to heat, UV rays and insects, you and your guests have limits (we all do!). Read these essential dos and don’ts along with ideas on decor, lighting, catering to make planning and enjoying your summer wedding as easy as sipping on a chilled signature cocktail.​

This season’s trends—bright colour palettes, graphic patterns, statement baubles and a new take on favors are heating up summer weddings. Turn up the volume on your wedding with colour. Trade the pastels and neutral tones of spring for a vibrant palette of pink, yellow, orange and blue. Keep your colour picks feeling fresh by sticking to a few hues that work well together, or opt for various shades of the same colour (think: magenta, berry pink and soft peony). Incorporate colour into everything from invites and linens to flowers and patterned bridesmaid dresses.

Manish Kumar(MD), Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar, adds on by stating that, Indian weddings are known for its extravagant decor, elaborate spread of delicacies and grand celebrations that can easily last for 3 to 4 days. Summer weddings always have a charm of flexibility in terms of decor, color themes and design elements. According to recent trends and as per suggestions of our guests, we always try to work around the customer needs and offer the best choices to our guests. After gaining design experience with uncountable guests, we have noticed that consumers of the current times prefer subtle colours like Mogra, Baby pink for the day functions. Sometimes, citrusy shades like lime or tangerine also lend a fresh feel to the ambience. For evenings teal or peacock blue give a royal feel to the wedding set-up. It also depends on the individual preference of guest. Our newly-opened banquet at Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar justifies with the guests requirement of space and contrast of colours and we modify their requirements as per their regular briefs. Also we supplement decor with personalized services and a distinct style to blend traditional with contemporary design sensibilities.

Vishal Singh, General Manager, Hyatt Regency shares some detailed points on planning a summer wedding with ease:

Designing – Indian weddings usually see a lot of colours. Vibrant hues have always been in vogue. However, now the trend is shifting to pastel shades. The millennial couples usually prefer subtle and muted colours. Indian weddings were earlier synonymous with red and green. Now, people are experimenting with offbeat colours like mint, baby pink, peach and lilac. Flourescent and neon colours are picked for outdoor set ups.

Lightning – The wedding tribes prefer lighting that allows them to take good quality pictures. Warm and subtle lights in amber and white have replaced pink, blue LED lights.

Décor – Themed weddings are a rage right now. The decor usually compliments the theme. Some themes that are popular right now are vintage, rustic, beach, royal, casino etc. Fresh flowers have been replaced by paper flowers and origami decor. Couples also like customized settings. Oversized wedding hashtags, quirky photobooths, personalised table settings, moss wall, geometrical planters and succulents are most commonly chosen.

Layout – A lot of people opt for casual lounge seating. In case of floating crowd and clean lines its better to have less seating and more open spaces. The concept of having a stage is also done with among young couples. They ask for a more interactive set up where they can move around and give personal attention to the guests.

Adding further to the details Ms. Priti Sidhwani, Partner, Dreamzkraft adds on saying that, “a wedding is all about the last bit of detailing. Summer 2018 will see a rise in demand for offbeat venues like vineyards, hills and valleys as backdrops for an ideal midsummer wedding. The colour palate of décor elements used in this season will be more inclined towards ultra-violet – Pantone colour of the year, vintage and earthy hues. Centrepieces with fresh fruits and exotic wild Floral, natural settings with rustic props and relaxing music bands will be the key highlights. Also, there will be a major focus on fun events to set the mood which includes grape crushing, taps dancing and fusion bands. Having said that, the family can have a grand setting for the reception set up with the usage of pastel tones of lavenders, peaches and blossoms with good quality furniture and innovative props. The use of scented candles and starry nights created with bespoke chandeliers and lights set the mood for an evening formal affair.

What’s hot now: Love fruit but want something new? Have your florist use hollowed-out watermelons as a centerpiece container for a casual look that’s fun and seasonal. Another option is to go natural and green with your containers. Incorporate wooden vases or pedestals with grass or moss to give centerpieces a textured, natural feel.

Summer weddings have something special because they get to use to their advantage the amazing weather and the multitude of colors that are available this time of the year. This definitely makes it easier when it comes to choosing the centerpieces and the table décor. Cut citrus fruit is a tried-and-true favorite for summertime centerpieces, but other options out there are more unexpected and just as visually appealing.

The Great Indian Wedding is something that we all look forward to. With onset of summers, caterers are making special efforts to make your day extra special. Chef Gautam Chaudhry founder of “Demiurgic group” and “The Catering Inc.” – Luxury Catering company based out of Delhi- NCR, states that one should take a pro dynamic approach while designing the Summer menu. He further adds that one should use ingredients which are produced in the season and are locally grown, thus not only reducing the carbon foot prints but also promoting sustainability and local farmer eco- System. Chef Gautam as well recommends food pairing, kebabs with cold brew, which not only complements the taste well but also helps in cooling the body temperature. Among others his favorite being Amaranth-Cholai-Green Apple Shooters with Tandoori Prawns.
It’s not only the food that you can innovate with, but also the setups. In his summer inspired setups Chef Gautam uses lots of eco friendly and recyclable materials. He is fond of using Mitti ka kasora , kulhads, handis to serve his Desserts, Cold brews and Main courses too. This not only further adds to the theme but also adds that extra zing to the food. Apart from this The Catering Inc. also does summer inspired set up which uses lots of water bodies , earthen chandelier , earthen props etc. These further makes the environment misty and reduces the overall temperature of the surroundings.
Apart from these the decor can also be engineered specially for summers. Chef Gautam encourages use of plants and flowers like Cactus, Aloevera, clivia, Boston fern etc. In the decor for summer weddings. He also supports uses of lots of flower and plants in decor as Flowers and plants, absorb heat through a combination of osmosis, capillary action and transpiration thus not only lowering the temperature but also adding to better air quality.

Apart from all this Gautam states that catering is a science and every element should be chosen wisely and should enhance the overall experience. Something as small as the time of the wedding matters a lot. Typically a day wedding should have different menu and set up from an evening function because according to ayurveda some food can only be consumed during day and are forbidden at night.

This overall approach of designing summer weddings keeping in mind the summer food , paired with Cold brews coupled with earthenware they are served in and the summer decor set up distracts you from the scorching heat and lets you focus on your most important day.


​Let these haute-hues inspire your wedding planning.

Embrace the hues of the season, or let a favourite metallic lead your colour scheme. From preppy to rustic, check out our favourite colour combos to inspire your wedding planning.​

Best for: Edgy tented weddings
Want to throw a vibrant summer bash? Go with a shade of hot pink anchored with a calming blue. A modern graphic on your stationery is a great way to introduce this bold colour combo, and it can be carried through the rest of your wedding on ceremony programs, the reception menu and cocktail napkins.

Marigold & Poppy Red
​Best for: Fiesta-style weddings
If you’re going for a bold and bright colour scheme, choose hues that are either complementary (opposite each other on the colour wheel) or analogous (next to each other on the colour wheel). That way, they’ll live in harmony and you won’t have to worry about anything clashing. Coloured glassware is a great way to dress up your table without it looking too stiff. The perfect favour? Mini bottles of hot sauce with personalized labels.​

Best for: Formal ballroom weddings
What’s more romantic than a barely there palette of light pink and metallic gold? Since the palette itself is so neutral, take risks in other design areas like textures or patterns. For example, drape reception tables in sequin table cloths, style a linen dinner napkin at each place setting and have ruffled beaded tablecloths on accent tables like a dessert display or in a lounge area.

Do Provide Heat Relief
No matter how much you love the sun, your guests will appreciate a few ways to escape the heat. Make sure an outdoor venue offers some shade or air-conditioning (tent rentals can include portable air-conditioning systems). Instead of having guests overheat during the ceremony, have an usher pass out small ice-cold hand towels across the rows before it starts. Scatter decorative ice buckets or baskets filled with bottles of water near the ceremony site—and once the dancing begins, place water in close proximity to the action. And don’t forget your vendors: Set up an area where they can grab cold refreshments as well.
​Don’t Forgot Save-The-dates
Summer is prime vacation time, especially when it comes to families with school-age kids. Send an announcement in advance so everyone can mark your wedding on their calendars early and plan accordingly.​

Don’t Forget Sun And Bug Protection
Sunburn can give the term “blushing bride” a whole new meaning. Prior to getting dressed, the couple and attendants should apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Consider wearing a moisturizer and foundation or powder that contains SPF (just give it a test-drive for allergies weeks beforehand, either on your own or with your makeup artist). In the guest bathroom, including a basket with sunblock wipes as well as bug spray (which should also be available at the ceremony site).

Do Wear Cool, Breathable Attire
A bride should feel comfortable and confident—not stifling and sticky. For brides, choose a wedding dress made of light fabric that breathes, such as silk. If you can’t resist the heavy traditional ball gown, wear it during the ceremony, then change into a lightweight sheath or cocktail dress for dancing. Grooms will look dapper in a fair-toned suit (think: light grey or beige), a crisp linen suit or, for the ultimate beach-casual look, khakis and a button-down.

Don’t Begin Your Outdoor Wedding Midday
With the sun at its strongest, sweltering guests won’t be in the mood to party. Shoot for a late afternoon or early evening start time. The ideal plan: Schedule dinner for sunset (provided the sun isn’t setting too late on your date), then work the rest of the event around This way you’ll also guarantee the ideal lighting for photos that timing.

Inputs from Mr. Vijay Mehta General Manager of The Roar Resort & Adventure Park.