Of Makeup & More Up Close and Personal with Kanikka Gauraav Tandon

Playing with colors unknowingly, giving makeovers effortlessly is the forte of this little genius. New to the social circuit but well respected in the circle for her talent which she exhibits. It’s amazing to see how she transforms completely when she lifts the brush to leave people spell bound by makeovers and comprehension in the field. A stripling in looks , highbrow in work and uncontaminated at heart , her artistry is making all the right noises in the glamour industry . Read more about Makeup Artist Kanikka Gauraav Tandon.

Beginning of the dream

Yes, it was like a dream and you will be amazed to know the complete process. Who would have then thought that a Graduate from South Campus and master in DNIIT , then NTT for 2 years , MSC(IT) for 2 years and thereon B(Ed) for 1 year, would step into an unknown world of brushes and makeup and would make it a career. It all began after my marriage as I was introduced to makeup, colors, eyelashes and other accessories in a natural transformation that any girl would have gone through .I left my job as a school teacher 3 months after I got married and joined my husband’s business of specialty chemicals.
I was happy giving makeover to friends and family without knowing and realizing that I was gaining confidence and was good at it but however my in-laws noticed this transformation in me and started comparing my work with the brides who got their makeover from professionals. And it was then my family came up with an idea to take this stream professionally. I was reluctant as my kid was too young and not even in iota of my imagination, I had thought I would take this up. I researched all the courses around and found that Pearl Academy had the best offering for my interest. I stood first in the semester there with 98% attendance and the fee was waived off. Eventually at the end of the batch I was a topper and was awarded a certificate and trophy for Academic Excellence for the course.

The Makeup studio

We wanted to open a commercial setup like we have done now but on a very small scale in around 500 sq feet but as we kept on hunting for places our imagination and thoughts of makeup area turned into a luxurious makeup studio in 2700sq feet . I have worked for fashion and ads for experience as well but with very selective people, since I was never a bread earner in the family and the only instruction I had to follow was to work on my own terms and only for my creativity. Since the idea was clear in the family that we will launch a setup like this, freelance took a back seat and I never got much into it.

Tell us more about your setup

This is not a commercial setup by any stance; we could have utilized this space to make it a salon and provision of as many clients as we can book on a heavy wedding day but we freeze our day with 6 brides in a given slot and no more bookings there on. My senior artist has the same number to freeze the day. This is our gratitude in reciprocation of their decision to choose us on their very special occasion. We have ultra luxurious electronic card accessible rooms for brides to change, settle and get ready for the most important day of her life. I cannot imagine my bride to wait in a queue to get ready as this is her own day and she needs to be pampered. Moreover it is about my creativity. I can give my best in 6 clients and I do not go over that. This day is more important for them than it is for us and we respect this.
And we are very happy working with limited number of clients and giving our best. When, instead of brides, grooms personally call me and give me thanks, I feel more privileged.

Tell us something about your academy

Yes I teach makeup professionally as well as personal in the morning. Our professional course is for 4 weeks and through this course one becomes self independent and can earn a handsome amount of money. This is the best part of my day as I was a teacher initially but in different stream and so it comes naturally to me. Since the world is talking about women empowerment, this is our bit to the society and I make sure they have the skills and competence to survive in the industry.

Tell us something about the prevailing competition

Where is the competition? I don’t see any competition anywhere. I am a makeup artist and I will have people whoprefer my kind of work and there are people who will prefer someone else’s work. I respect each and every individual in my field as they have not reached where they are without hard work and determination and creativity and I am sure like me everyone else gives his/her best.

What are your dreams from here on when you see your work and setup being appreciated the way it has

Well our work is different and our dream is one step beyond that. My Work is to showcase my creativity with my brush and husband being the commercial director of the studio has resolution to help an acid attack victim every year. We will look forward that we can do more than this for these girls. We have no commercial goals beyond this. We believe money is just a byproduct and has limited importance.
We do discuss our social goals with people we know not because we want them to fund our goals, but to pass a message to do whatever they can do personally for any social cause close to their heart.


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