Make Way for the Monsoon Weddings

Come monsoons and come romance! Many people fantasize about getting married in this beautiful season of Monsoon. And if you are one of those who wants to get married around the time when it rains, right under the beautiful blue sky and the most romantic weather, you might have to go a few extra miles for the arrangements. While the idea of having a monsoon wedding sounds exciting, it’s equally tedious when it comes to organising functions. However, with the help of the wedding planner, the details can be meticulously planned to execute a flawless monsoon wedding.

There are plethora of choices for the décor theme for the season. Bright colors, languid prints and dollops of fresh flowers and greenery can just make that fairyland turn into a reality, right in front of your eyes. Ravishing Wedding spoke to celebrated wedding designer, Abhinav Bhagat of Abhinav Bhagat Weddings, to get more insight on the perfect color palette and themes for the rainy season.

“Monsoon is my personal favourite as you have ample ideas and props to play around with. I recommend placing lots of fresh greens with pastel shades and whites that make the setup look stunning. As for a floral theme, I bet on the lovely lotuses with mogras can be paired and layered for that exuberant feeling to the whole venue. This can be complemented by smart digital prints and fabrics to give it a modern and cosmopolitan appeal. The mogras not only help in making the area look serene but also add a natural mild fragrance to the entire atmosphere.

There are plenty of monsoon friendly elements like umbrellas, glass jars filled with water, crystal drops acting like rain drops can also be used to give the event, a monsoon vibe. You could also add more props like big acrylic windows, water fountains and big water troughs to make it stand out.


Sometimes, we get varied and unique demands from the clients, like creating transparent roofs with water proof entry and exit areas and drive through porches for the convenience of guests. Though these sound practical but it is definitely daunting to execute the same, keeping in mind, the area and aesthetics.

When organising a monsoon wedding, there are a couple of things to be kept in mind. Firstly, the areas for the main festivities should be ideally covered .Secondly , there should be enough windows for natural light to filter in and also for the guest to be able to see the rains and get the feel of the season. One of the most crucial aspects is also to make the floor non-slippery and anti-skid. Also, porters with umbrellas to get the people inside are important.

Acrylic tents with wooden flooring, covered ceiling and sides open are a great idea to enjoy the view but not get wet. We also request the client to arrange for an extra housekeeping team for constant cleaning, in case it gets messy. Sometimes we also suggest the client to take advantage of the monsoons and events like mehendi’s could be converted to rain dance parties.

All in all, it’s a wonderful time to experiment with bright colors and hoards of prints, provided there is enough and proper planning done ahead of the D-day!”