The smart, savvy, sensitive and internationally acclaimed tarot card reader, Archana Jain, is known for her accurate reading, honesty and dedication. Archana’s smiling face, extraordinary oratory skills, humble demeanour and accurate readings have been credited to help people in need. Read on what the expert wants to tell us about her art as she welcomes Ravishing Wedding to gain insights into the world of tarot reading and predictions.

How did it all start? Did you always have an inkling for this art?
It all started in 2009 as a hobby but soon became a passion. Who would have known that a simple hobby which was just started to pass the time would become the most important part of my life.

How do you think people can best utilize this art in their daily lives?
Today, as everybody is so much engrossed in their routine lives, it becomes difficult to visit astrologers and pundits each and every day and here is where the need of the tarot card reading is felt. Tarot card reading gives help with an instant answer with yes or no and therefore, it is best to utilize it in daily life.

What do you think is the most powerful thing about tarot reading?
The most powerful thing about tarot reading is that there are only 78 cards in which the fate of a person is hidden and with these 78 cards, one can ask more tha 3 lakh questions. Tarot card reading is a very sinple study where the person choses his/her own cards and gets the reading instantly. ‘TAROT’ means ‘Talented Aura Read Our Time’, so it is a big challenge for a tarot card reader to tell everything correctly about someone as whatever will happen has already been decided by God.

Is there a difference between astrology and tarot card reading?
Tarot and astrology are as alike and different as bingo and algebra. Tarot is interperted by the random placement of cards where astrology uses a specific formula.

Tell us more about your work and other activities.
I am into psychic development for the last 7 years and as a professional trainer, universal healer, motivational speaker, numerologist and a certified international tarot card reader of occult sciences, I channel messages and guidance from God to head finances, relationship, health, career and life purpose guidance. I am also associated with a couple of NGO’s in India and abroad as well.

Throw some light on your awards and accolades.
I have been blessed with many International awards, Women empowerment and achievement Awards, Astrological awards, International Vastu award and many more. I was also awarded a gold medal in healing through her Guru Maa for my unique contribution in the field of tarot reading. Recently as you know, I added another feather in my cap by bagging the prestigious Ravishing Wedding Award 2015 for the Best Tarot Card Reader.

What would be your message to our readers?
Some people think that tarot is just like playing cards but these cards are actually life cards! Whatever will be there in your cards, will happen with you at one point of time or another. So people should come with full dedication and not only just to play with the cards.

Stay Blessed!