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Fashion & styling for modern Indian groom is ever changing and evolving; Indian grooms are no more adhering to a particular fashion style or class and are willing to experiment and break free from the traditional mode of styling or wearing wedding attire. Ravishing gives you an insight on trendy & stylish groom wear for your luxury wedding.

Our tradition be it for the wedding in any caste or religion does not offer much scope to Indian male for experimenting with look. But today’s men are very liberal, experimental and outgoing with exposure of different culture of different nations. But at the same time our tradition and culture does not permit Indian Groom to break taboos. In such complex scenario Designer duo Ravind & Tajinder Thukral from Thukrals Ethnic offer Indian Grooms valuable tips and options according to specific wedding occasion, current trends & their culture.
Indian wedding is all about days of celebration, ceremonies and occasions so you need options for several days accordingly. To begin with for SHAGUN ceremony or you should wear best of the design as you are surrounded by selective and less gathering and you are the cynosure.  We have a strong belief that one should wear his best of the bests on the occasion when gathering is less compared to the occasion where guests are innumerable and you get lost somewhere. Don’t go by whatever is going on in fashion in the market but go according to your circle and your personality.  This is the occasion for you to break the monotony and add the dash of innovation you can play with different attire.

Indo western
Experimentation is the key unlike wedding day To corroborate the same you can don indo western dress as this is one attire that suits to this pious occasion only because other occasion like cocktail in which something casual and contemporary suits more and on the wedding day. Since the dress is indo western you can accessorize with innovation for example you can add subtle head gear or turban on one hand, at the same time you can wear nice patent leather footwear to break the clichéd concept. Wear the look with great confidence and panache.

Cocktail party
This occasion allows you to remain unrestrained.  You can pick the look from vivid choices and try versatile looks, jackets in velvet fabric with vivid colours like dark maroon n magenta combination, wine, dark tones of mauve, purple with light and subtle, shades jodhpuris with > moccasin or leather shoes. Velvet or cashmere fabric jacket with motifs will definitely give you classy and royal look without going too loud. You can also wear a good tailored fit double breast or single breast suit with a printed shirt and add the funk element to your personality and goes well with the occasion but it comes with a caveat that don’t opt out off the peg suits which doesn’t fit most of the people and remain oversized or undersized most of the times which will make you an object of laughter. Before wearing suit or jacket always remove the tag of the brand irrespective of any brand which people flaunt to impress but ultimately looks cheap and tawdry. Flamboyance is the key word with this look, be in the spirit and flaunt the spirit by going vivid and bright.

Wedding day
We would suggest that you should have limited scope of experimentation because of various customs and traditions involved. Without getting repeated and monotonous do small changes in wedding wardrobe more innovative , you can look majestic by going for ethnic wear like elaborate achkans or a royal band gala with a churidaar with a stunning juti.  Go for foot wear that matches with attire and pay special attention to footwear which should be striking.

Reception party
Black or dark Navy blue coloured tuxedo with a bow tie or slim tie with a satin white coloured shirts and a crisp and well fitted shirt. Small detailing goes a long way in giving you perfect look, never go for tuxedo with a plastic button, many grooms make this mistake so be cautious here, button of the tux remains covered with the fabric. You can go for peak lapel instead of notch as peak lapel tux looks more elegant and classy. Try to wear patent leather tasselled shoes which will further make a groom dapper and suave. You can accessorize by wearing nice watch preferably formal.


Newly hitched man might be having hundreds of dresses which he purchased keeping in mind different occasions but after hangover of marriage settees  you realise that preponderance of dresses you can’t wear in routine or you don’t want to remain very formal every time. Foreseeing this you must have options of semi formal or casual yet chic dresses. One must keep pair of well fitted jeans, chinos which he can team up with nice leather jackets, few good collared tees which can be worn under jackets to give semi formal look, pair of loafers and tasselled moccasins which alone can be the style statement. Keep pair of good fragrances for the day as well as evening wear make sure it should be subtle as poignant fragrances doest go well with men as thumb rule is men should smell good rather than coming from a perfumery. Repeatedly i would underscore on footwear as this is the area we always don’t pay much heed too. Accessorising the look with belt is also one thing which can accentuate your entire attire and look. Your belt should go well with the colour of shoes. Crocodile leather or snake leather are my personal favourites which gives a rich and classy look.

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