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Creating Memories & Masterpieces Badal Raja Jain

A wedding or any occasion in fact, spans just a few hours. However the preparations for the same span months and the memories created span a lifetime! Capturing these memories through a camera lens is a daunting task which only a few companies can excel in. Badal Raja Company is one such perfect example that has created path-breaking innovative ideas in the field of wedding film and photography, capturing the perfect memories for your special day.

Being one of the pioneers in the field of wedding photography and filming, Badal Raja Company was started by the talented duo ~ Badal and Raja Jain in 2002. The Delhi based duo specializes in cinematic wedding and candid photography across the world and have been featured on CNBC Young Turks for their amazing work. Their pioneering approach has been widely written in premier publications such as Forbes India and Wall Street Journal etc.

Filming was inherited in the dynamic duo since their childhood as they used to assist their father on BBC Radio. They state, “We never knew the small tasks we were undertaking would one day help us build a career. Before starting this venture we were working with leading broadcasters like NDTV, APTN, AAJ TAK, Doordarshan and STAR TV. It was then suggested to us to get into the wedding space as well and the first wedding that we shot was for the daughter of late Ponty Chadha. After that, there was no looking back and we took up each and every wedding as a teaching experience and a challenge.”

Their exhaustive client base includes Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Ms. Shilpa Shetty &Mr. Raj Kundra, Ms. Esha Deol, Mr. Gautam Gambhir, Mr.Bhushan Kumar, Mr.VasuBhagnani, Ms.MandiraBedi, Mr. K.P Singh, Mr. Sameer Jain (TOI)Mrs.ShobhanaBhartia (HT) and many more.

Divulging about the changing trends, they state, “There has been a significant drift in the trends of wedding photography and even filming. However, the essence of any wedding remains the traditional pictures of the bride and groom along with their families. We believe that family values and bonding is the foremost and capturing that through the lens is the art which will never go out of style. We were in fact, the pioneers in filming the weddings in a ‘story-telling’ format with relevant background scores and family dialogues. That trend picked up like fire and now you see a wedding trailer followed by a proper wedding film almost everywhere.

As for photography, an interesting trend to have emerged is the pre-wedding shoots. These shoots have become almost as important as the wedding itself. It’s a great idea for not just the couple to bond but also for the couple to bond with the photographers, so that the ease of working and clarity of communication follows in the main wedding. Couples these days do not shy away from having these shoots at exotic locales and destinations.”

Badal and Raja haveshot for fashion shows including Rohit Bal and Manav Gangwani fashion shows in India Couture Week. They also offer coffee table books with stills of candid moments from the wedding. These books are exclusively printed in Italy & USA caring a memorabilia of your precious day

On a final note, they give some precious advice to the upcoming generation of photographers and filming company, “Take your client very seriously and never ever take them for granted. Understand their expectations and leave no stone unturned to deliver the results. Another piece of advice that we would want to give is to take good care of your staff, financially and otherwise also. They are the ones who are making all of the work possible and so, treat them well, irrespective of the size of your deal with the client.”