Bride Beautiful Chitrangada

Her dusky charm has casted a spell on the onlookers.Her raw appeal and flawless face can make any girl go green with envy.But hey, not to fret as we are about t decode some of the secrets of her glowing face and flowing mane.

Chitrangada, being a natural person believes in keeping it simple yet chic. Being an actor, she can’t escape the makeup trap while shooting. But when she’s at home, she wear absolutely no makeup. Her preference for the natural look is disseminated through her fashion sense as well.

She thanks her genes for the healthy skin. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day and avoiding spicy food helps her maintaining the charm. Apart from this, she also takes 7-8 hours nap every day for a healthy and radiant skin as beautiful radiant skin instantly makes her  feel beautiful. She says that,”I think when my skin is flawless I feel to be the most confident and ready to face the world. With smooth skin I instantly feel sexy. I ensure I put in the required effort to maintain my skin.”

As for her beauty regime, the actress adds that she follows a very simple no fuss beauty routine. For the face shetends to use a lot of organic products with minimal chemical content. For hair, she eat a high protein diet that includes around 5-6 walnuts a day  in her diet for Omega 3,which is also great for healthy locks. Also she ensures the protection by regularly oiling it with coconut based oil.Makeup products she can’t do without is  M.A.C eyeliner as it defines her signature look. She swear by M.A.C mascara for her luscious curly lashes and also really love the Lancôme lip liners.

She also insists that the cleaning of makeup regime is as important as wearing the makeup. So at night, clean the makeup using a soft tissue and cotton by dabbing a drop of makeup remover. Follow this up by cleansing the face with a mild cleanser and round off the regime by applying a night cream. This will ensure that you have a clean and dewy fresh skin, the next morning.