(Your Head to Toe Grooming Guide)

The perfect look for the wedding day and all the other functions around it is a combination of the skin care before the wedding, perfect ensemble and right makeup that complements it.

You might not always have the time and energy to make salon trips regularly so bid adieu to the parlour visits and get glowing skin with these tips suggested by professionals.

 Satish Saraf – Founder of The Panache Salon and Academy states that, staying hydratedis very important for the skin to get all the required nourishments it requires such that it starts to glow from within. Brides should have plenty of liquids such as water (most important) & fruit juices. Avoid aerated drinks and caffeine, as result of these can be seen on waistline.

The bride’s beauty sessions should start at least 6 months before the arrival of the BIG DAY. Before starting, get a complete consultation done from a specialist. Facial Treatments in every 25 days, Hair spa’s in every 15 days and Body Polishing every month, these are mustto be done by every would-be bride.

CTM (Cleanser, Toner &Moisturizer) regime to be followed every day with SPF. 8 Hours sleep, an extremely important practice that has to be followed by each of you without fail. It helps skin relax and breathe and displays happiness on your face. Adapt to healthy eating habits and ensure to consume Vitamin A and C intake in your body. Limit the consumptions of milk products as much as possible.

By Mr. Vaseem Kapadia, Founder of Beauty & More directs that, wedding preps start way in advance with decorations and flowers to your jewelry then why not start early with your beauty regime.

To-be brides always tend to leave grooming & beauty for the end or just couple weeks before their D-day which leaves high chances of goof-ups or any product allergies.

To look picture perfect on the D-day to-be brides should at least start prepping up 3-4 months in advance. If not 3-4 months, at least 2 months in advance to look the best at your wedding.

First and foremost make water your best friend.

The skin and hair need time and constant efforts over a prolonged period of time to recover completely and regain their natural luster and beauty. Start keeping away from direct sun, cover your hair and face when out in the sun or travelling through polluted areas.

Skin (Face & Body)

Once or twice a week use a natural scrub of Sugar and Olive Oil or Salt and Olive Oil as a gentle exfoliator for smooth skin. You can use this natural scrub for your body as well as for the face. Follow it up with herbal ubtan bath which is a mixture of besan and raw milk. It revitalizes and detoxifies your skin. Keep your eyes bright for flash lights and guest with 10 minutes break every day. Place green tea bags or cucumber or potato slices on your eyes which will reduce the puffiness and dark circles.

You can also apply natural Aloe Vera mask every night and keep it overnight for a brighter and glowing flawless skin.

To-be brides can also fix up an appointment for full body polishing and spa to detoxify their skin with the advance technologies.

Do cosmetics & Makeup trials that you are going to use on your D-day in advance to avoid any kind of reaction or allergy.


Consult your hairstylist way in advance for hair colour touch up or if you want to try a hair colour consult your hairstylist at least 4 months in advance to determine the exact shade. Indulge yourself into a head message with ayurvedic oilfor root and scalp conditioning. Use egg and olive oil for manageable, silky and strong hair. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and wash it cold water.


Restore the health of your nails with regular Manicure and Pedicure. Most of the people face the problem of dryness and dullness of nails. For Shiny, strong nails immerse your nails in lukewarm castor oil for some time every day, it is an ancient remedy to fight brittle nails.

You can apply glycerin, lemon juice or almond oil for strong & shiny nails.


Apart from your eyes and hands your toothiest grin will be on the show at the ceremony and the reception thereafter. So, get your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s at least two weeks before you tie knot. Get into the habit of flossing and brush twice a day. Your pearly whites will be captured for posterity in wedding album and millions of pictures with your friends.

By maintaining this routine, you can easily look like million-dollar fairy bride on the most awaited day of your life