17 Spectacular Spring Wedding Ideas

There’s something so special about spring weddings, don’t you think? From blush tone wedding ensembles, floral bridesmaids’ dresses, floral jewellery and wedding decor, spring time weddings do not disappoint.
The promise of new beginnings, the incredible array of blooms, and the rare just-right temperature for a 100 layer wedding dress!At no other time of the year are peonies, magnolia, cherry blossom, sweetpea and freesia all in bloom. It’s the perfect season to rock a light bridal jacket or a gorgeous chiffon sleeve.The palettes are endless, from buttery yellows, to dusky blues, soft whites to moody purples.
Still not convinced that a spring wedding is for you? Take a look at these inspired ideas for a budding big day.
The Indian marigold is wondrous as far as wedding décor goes. It is the easiest and cheapest way to add a pop of colour to any dull area or even a sprawling lawn. Create marigold curtains or use string of the wonder flower on rickshaws and bicycles to create unique wedding props and photo windows.
Wooden or wrought iron photo frames lined with flowers or even dotted with a bunch of buds could work as quirky photo opportunity spots. You could also hang several different size and shapes of photo frames close to one another to create a rather big photo window for the bridesmaids and best men.
The wedding cake is certainly the highlight of the evening and it should emerge as a part of the décor theme for the wedding. Pastel cakes with bright floral motifs can be perfect for a spring wedding. One could also go in for floral cupcakes as wedding favors or even as a part of the dessert table. The featured American fondant cake has been crafted by Pavani Kaur of Firefly India. She specialises in sugar flowers and each petal on the cake is hand sculpted and edible. A lot of vintage metallic washes and other antique elements have been used and the basic vibe of the cake have a mixture of old school French and vintage British influences.
An invitation card creates the first impression of the wedding to follow. The theme of the wedding should be clearly portrayed by the invite without losing its innovative charm. The featured invite is from the house of Ravish Kapoor Invitations and the concept has been developed on laser techniques with butterflies and ornate flowers. Ravish also hints at the colour which would rule the spring wedding season this year ~ rich pastels, tropical colour schemes – bright lemon yellows, mustard, lime greens, leaf greens, wild berries, deep pinks and powder blues et al.
The bridal lehenga or the wedding sherwani/tuxedo are the most thought of and sought after aspects of the entire wedding. For th lovely season of blooms, you could opt for a floral printed lehenga with light embroidery or even choose raw silk lehengas with floral embroidery in pastel tones. Grooms could opt for floral jackets or go for classic black tuxedos with floral pocket squares.
If you are looking to break the norm of traditional décor with some edgy elements, then this one is for you. Get a word close to your heart and relationship etched out in big wooden or metallic letters and let it serve the purpose of the photo-op. You could go one step ahead and add the initials of your names along with it. The positioning of the letter could be horizontal or vertical both. The placement could also be accompanied with certain props like a wooden staircase or lots of pots and planters.
One of the most neglected and underplayed element of wedding planning is selection of appropriate crockery and cutlery. A well laid dining table can add to the delight as well as the appetite of the guests. You can play with a number of hues and texture in the season of bloom. From turquoise to fuchsia, go wild with the imagination. Add sparkling candle votives and complementing floral arrangements to make the dining table look nothing short of spectacular.
Table centrepieces and props scattered around the venue should be as per the theme. However, you can always add a twist to the mundane props by introducing a quirky element or side prop. Say for a floral theme, instead of having regular flowers as the centrepieces, you could place some pastel ferns on a wooden plank and add the table no. to the setting. The effect will not only be commensurate with the theme but also give a unique touch to the arena.
Refreshing mocktails/cocktails can lend the much needed zing to a wedding in the warm weather. However, one can always experiments with the concoction, colours and garnish of these beverages. Go for icy green mojotis, watermelon-cucumber refreshers, strawberry basil margaritas, rose Champaign cocktail and honey vanilla spritzer et al. There are tens of options to mix and match the flavours and combinations. Choose interesting glasses or mason jars to serve the cocktails/mocktails and finish off with quirky garnishes like fresh strawberries or some real ferns for the effect.
Gone are the days when flowers could also be an external décor elements. Get super creative with floral ice cubes. These flower infused ice cubes would not keep the drinks cool but also act like décor props. You can make these yourself at home. Simply pluck small flowers of different colours and shapes, wash them off thoroughly with drinking water and then add one flower to each cubicle of the ice tray along with water. Let it freeze and voila, you have these super creative floral ice cubes ready for your party!
A wedding is incomplete without an array of Indian sweets and desserts on the table. However, one tends to get bored by seeing similar spread of sweets at weddings. To make your sweets stand out, you could opt for rather unusual ingredients like fusion of chocolate and rose in your milk cake with topped up pistachios. It would not only look nice but also the texture and taste would be different and delightful. Try various combinations like rose phirni, chocolate/mango rabri, caramelized jalebi and more
A typical lantern is a common artefact being used a décor prop in wedding since decades. But it can be turned into something ingenious and creative with a few cool ideas. Place different types of metallic or oxidised lanterns alongside on the table and place bright and colourful flowers inside the same. It would not only add a pop of colour to the dull lanterns but also work beautifully with the season’s theme.
One does tend to get bored by seeing just flowers and lights at a wedding. But not anymore ~ you could always perk up a rather mundane setting by adding fun props like neon pinwheels which could be hung around the arena or also punched together in huge glass vases. These could double up as centrepieces also. You could also opt for similar props like multi-colored kites, sunglasses cutouts and edgy craftworks.
A wedding cake is a must but you could certainly impart a zing to the cake table by placing multitudes of cupcakes around the main wedding cake. The good part about cupcakes is that those can be in any colour and immediately liven up the dessert spread. Choose a neon theme and fancy paper fan cut outs in neon colours to make the setting look right out of a movie.
Dress up your curtains or linens with dollops of orange and lemon hues ~ be it with flowers or interesting props like lemon filled jars. Make floral curtain ties or place chunks or floral arrangements on the dining table to make the entire setting look simply spectacular.
Flower arrangements at weddings can’t be escaped. But one can surely make it look attractive and new by introducing perhaps exotic unusual flowers or unusual arrangement styles. For instance, you can make a stand of inverted tulips and top if up with a regular rose bunch with similar hues for it to look astounding and amazing. Combine rather unique combinations of flowers to create something which is mesmerizing and cannot be missed.
Last but not the least, make sure that the entire wedding venue smells heavenly, right from the entrance to the dining area. It could be heavily laden fragrance of Indian roses or the magical jasmine. If the flowers are not enough to create the aroma, then place diffusers around the entire arena and let the essentials oils do that trick. Do remember that the venue must look and feel good with a lot of positive vibes. Do not clutter and keep the spaces open yet pleasing.