While the rains drench the cities with bursts of delightful weather and give people respite from the scorching heat, the mucky roads get even muckier, dishevelled looks leave people in quite a dilemma on how to put together the right monsoon wardrobe. Often, the downpour puts down a person’s desire to look chic and stylish throughout the day. It is one of the trickiest seasons to stay stylish. However, dressing sloppy or wearing dull and boring outfits can be further depressing this season.

So, without much ado, it is time to get monsoon ready and bid goodbye to your leather shoes, sheer tops and stilettos. Here is an insight to as what can be your monsoon wardrobe be like. Read and update your closet as per the rains.

Fashion Designer Reynu Taandon feels that, “ In the heart of every girl, there are so many dreams for her wedding. She wants to have the perfect wedding, with the perfect man. She not only wants to be the most stunning bride that anyone has ever seen, but also wants to be the perfect bride for her prince charming. But, during the monsoon season, a bride-to-be faces more challenges than her other season contemporaries. Thanks to all the moisture and humidity floating in the air, a monsoon bride needs to consider a few more essential do’s and don’ts when it comes to bridal beauty and fashion”. So, dear monsoon brides, if you want to put your best foot forward on your big day, here is what you must keep in mind.

Choose Your Wedding Wear Wisely

Indian brides are known to wear heavily embroidered lehengas on their wedding day. But, in the monsoon season, it is best if you avoid heavy fabrics like silk, velvet, brocade, etc. Such fabrics will not only make you uncomfortable but will also take time to dry if they get wet.

Lighter options like net, georgette, crepe, chiffon, light satin, and lace dry off much faster and also look stylish. While choosing colours, go for light pastel shades or earthy colours like dark red, maroon or green. Also, avoid complicated draping styles for your saree or lehenga dupatta.

Avoid Too Much Bling

Kilos of embellishment on the wedding dress will not only weigh you down, but will also make you feel and look uncomfortable, especially during this season. Even many fashion designers suggest the brides to keep away from heavily embellished lehengas during monsoon. So, opt for a stunning piece that requires minimal embellishments and adornments. Go for rich lace work and satin fabrics for your outfit. Minimal embroidery work can also be used to accentuate your wedding wear. It is best to go for a choli with intricate design and embellishments and pair it with lighter ghagras and lehengas.

Choose Comfortable Footwear

If you are having an outdoor wedding in the rainy season, it is best that you skip your high heels for the time being. Just like your outfit, your footwear too should be comfortable. Opt for comfortable footwear with smaller heels like wedges or platform. You can also go for ‘blinged-up’ flats or jootis. These options will keep your feet happy and you need not worry about spoiling your heels in the rainy weather. Even if you are having an indoor wedding, we would still suggest you to skip stilettoes with thin straps. Instead, go for lightweight and sturdy options to avoid the danger of slipping on the wet floor.​

Nancy Luharuwalla of Label De Belle quotes that, “Cheerful wardrobe with vibrant & bold colours is a fashion fiesta after downpour. Saggy clothes, wet boots, colourful raincoat especially a pink coat with belt would help to dodge the puddles trendily. Any knee length costume along with a coloured of leggings would best sustain the monsoon spirit. Hues of sea to dark shades of green & indigo will be the choice of season. According to her, palette of purple, lemon, yellow & white along with fuchsia pink & soft pastels of orange & peach are best picks of monsoon. To lighten the mood, she suggests to wear wrinkle free clothing in dark shades of black & brown as an ideal formal wear. Beige timed with multi colours & black seam perfect during the rain. Blended fabrics of polyester, nylon & cotton doesn’t lose their sheen once they get wet.”

Beat the monsoon blues with a pop of colour: Hues of yellow, orange, reds and blues are ruling major runways! The ideal way to beat the dull weather and brighten up an otherwise gloomy day during the monsoon is by adorning a bright-coloured costume. Keep away whites and pastels that can add up on your laundry bag and bill, and flaunt bright colours such as fuschia pinks, sprightly blues, bright yellows and other such happy colours.

Make space for light-weight fabrics your wardrobe: Light-weight fabrics such as cotton and synthetic ones are ideal for this season. They can dry out easily and won’t cling to your body or require much maintenance. Gabardine, denim and crepe silk are also fabrics that are monsoon friendly. Cotton and silk blended fabrics are a wise choice because stay fresh for long and make for comfortable outfits.

Keep it short and smart: With streets full of puddles of water, you don’t want to leave your ankles and legs to get damp and wet .Go puddle-stomping in style with a pair of khaki shorts, culottes, denim skirts or calf-length pants/trousers. Invest in short-length dresses, pants and trousers that serve as better alternatives to the wet borders and get rain-ready. Men, flaunt smart shorts or roll up your chinos with flats for a casual and suave look.

Designer Naina Jain says that, while many wait for the monsoon season to arrive, muddy roads and gloomy weather have the capacity to put off people. Some individuals give up on their fashion choices and put convenience before style during the rainy season. If there’s one thing that we know about monsoon, it’s that it’s mirthless and often threatens to take the fun out of our fashion games. We are talking rich hues, fresh prints, short numbers, light fabrics and just the right amount of layering to give monsoon a fashionable spin. Play with proportions, avant-garde pieces, and finish off your look with a light dewy makeup. Get your wardrobe ready for the shabby months with one, or all, of these trends. Nothing spells femininity like a bell-sleeved dress-Give form-fitting dresses a break and embrace decidedly loose and languid flowing silhouettes. In monsoon, a roomy flowy ensemble is functional and chic.

Designer Naina Jain insists on ditching the long salwar-kameez (suit) and go for shararas that could be teamed up with short kurtas. Colours too play an important role in monsoon season.

“Jazz up your wardrobe with pop colours and lighter fabrics”, says designer Naina Jain, who has dressed Bollywood celebrities like Lara Dutta and Lakshmi Manchu, adding that accessories compliment a monsoon wear perfectly well. “Make your clothes evoke the haute look in this wet season. Pack away those stilettos, leather shoes, sheer tops and pastels and switch it with waterproof sandals, palazzos and colourful umbrellas,” she said.

The designer too suggested that bright neon or light shades like ocean blue, sea green, peachy pink and mauve would work wonders to uplift a person’s mood during a downpour.

“However, wearing pristine white in the monsoon is certainly not a good idea as white clothes tend to get transparent when wet and get stained easily,” she adds. Make sure the silhouettes are “clean” in terms of cuts and pattern in the rainy season. Utilitarian styles like asymmetrical tunics, box pleated shirts, peplum style blouse would be a good idea in rainy season.

Cotton, rayon, silk… it’s time you get serious about fabrics. Don’t get hung up on the worn-to-death ones – get riskier and see what you can get away with! Spruce up your wardrobe with something not many will attempt at – an organza shrug that’s just next level styling. The shrug is a statement in itself, so keep heavy accessories at bay.

So, brides enjoy the rains with elan.