Monsoon Mavens

Weddings are the most pre-planned and sought after functions in India. The reason for the focus is that, in India, Weddings are supposed to be a huge affair than anything else. India is known for its record breaking wedding rituals and the diversity with which we have the weddings is in itself a proof. We believe in lavishly laid buffets along with super heavy lehengas and sherwanis, chunky gold jewelleries and super huge guest lists. During the monsoons, the hotels offer packages which can make it a lavish affair with not so much stress with managing the event as, 5-Star Hotels have a dedicated team to take care of all your requests and demands.

Monsoon season being the leanest period for weddings is slow for the vendors as well as the hotels. Planning a Wedding during this time, can be good for your pocket as well as you may have your guests singing praises for you. A carefully planned Monsoon Wedding can do wonders as it is the most romantic season of all. Though these tips can come in handy when you plan a wedding this season:

The Venue :
We know, Indians like the feel and look of large weddings, but as a clear suggestion, try avoiding open venues. Also rather than choosing standalone banquets, try booking your function with a 5-star hotel as the former tend to have leakage and power issues.

Ravishing Suggests:
Choose a large banquet hall. People enter with a trail of water, footwear marks, leading to soaked entry points. Hotels or banquets with long pre-function or entry points would mean your venue goes untouched by the rain menance. Keep in mind distances and accessibility for guests. Also, check out the entrance driveway; ideally it should be covered, so that the guests can stay dry from their vehicle to the venue. If you have a rain dance/pool party function, pick a hotel or bungalow where you can have the entire pool to yourself. It can be customised accordingly. In case you have to have any events outdoors, opt for waterproof tents. Clear tents are a great idea!

The Attire :
As the rainy season come, so comes the humidity, thus making you feel sticky and lethargic all the time. The best way to avoid that is to wear loose light linen making you feel cool throughout your affair. One can adopt a theme related to Monsoon or Beaches and also take help from dedicated event planners in 5 Star Hotels as they can come up with various new ideas to create your wedding a unique one.

Ravishing Suggests:
Avoid light colours like white, beige, cream etc. Opt for bright colours like bright blue, yellow, green, purple, brown and pink. Colour blocking is the most prevalent fashion trend this season. The gloomy monsoon weather calls for nice bright colour to uplift the mood. Stay protected with trendy neon plastic- like footwear, bags, umbrellas and rain coats. Use minimal make-up and use only waterproof products. Tie up your hair in messy braids and buns to keep your hair stylish and non-frizzy.

The Invite :
Send out your invites with monsoon elements, preferably techni coloured to be in sync with your theme or recreate the iconic Raj Kapoor-Nargis scene under the umbrella. This is also the best way to inform your guests to dress casually and come prepared to enjoy the rains.

Ravishing suggests:
Other concepts like umbrellas, couple dancing in the rain, rainbow concept will work as well. Hashtags and concepts like ‘escape in the rain’ add to the fun. Create a vibrant logo in line with the monsoon theme incorporate an umbrella with your initials and include lots of bright colours.

The Theme :
Floral arrangements are a strict no for these weddings, as the problems with monsoon season is the birth of various insects and pests. Flowers would be a waste of your money as too much of rain would also spoil the feel of it. Moreover you can play with colours, adding vibrancy, also play songs which are related to the weather to make it a gala event.

Ravishing Suggests:
Bright coloured drapes and non floral arrangements will add vibrancy to the otherwise gloomy weather. Using these things in your décor will also bring in splashes of colour. Using crystals in your décor can offer a dramatic raindrop effect as well. A rainbow photo-booth backdrop or funny weather related placards in the photo-booth will invite the chuckles. Also, this a season that tends to attract flies and other insects, so keep insect repellents handy.

The Food :  
The hygiene is of utmost importance during this season as it gives way to a lot of health issues. Try keeping the food minimal and fresh. Also one can go ahead and increase the number of live stations, with less of seafood and chaats. Also as we all know the standards of standalone banquets for the food, one should try and opt for 5-star hotels as they undergo a strict health policy check and the hygiene is given utmost importance there.

Ravishing Suggests :  
These days, coffee and tea stations offering flavoured options is trending, Add traditional Kesar or masala milk for a traditional touch. If you’re starting early, kick things off with afternoon tea hot chai and an assortment of vadas and pakodas. If it’s dinner, piping hot soup should also work. Sea food should be avoided or tasted in advance, checked and balanced out on the menu spread, likewise with mangoes as they could be past its season. People tend to get weary of street food during the monsoon, so the concept of Indian chaat counters can be avoided. Most monsoon diseases are water-borne, so items like kulfis and golas should also be avoided.

The Transit  
A fair amount of Transit vehicles should be arranged in case the weather doesn’t bear with you. Also the transportation should be apt to pick up your guests from the host Hotel to the venue, with no excessive overcrowding the vehicles.

Inputs by Ms Firuza Sharma, Director of Sales & Marketing, Radisson Blu Hotel , Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.