Make Way for Minimalism

Minimalism is definitely the most suave trend in the wedding couture. A bride splashing her style with tasteful elegance with a tinge of boldness is quite in vogue. While it may be the biggest oxymoron in the fashion world, minimalism is fast making place in the Indian bridal space too. Today’s bride embraces her traditions with grace and panache. While the big Indian wedding culture is far from being passe, many modern brides are going minimalistic for their pre-wedding functions and ensembles.

Minimalism isn’t just for the modern western-fashion loving girls, but for the modern Indian brides too. To demonstrate exactly how an Indian bride can nail the minimalism trend at the wedding here are some of the tricks .

Pair it up

With pre-wedding functions becoming almost as important as the wedding day itself, the modern Indian bride is making a style statement by blending the dazzle with minimalistic subtlety. Teaming a jazzy lehenga with a subtle choli or opting for a dupatta that has heavy embroidery is in vogue these days. Shararas, which are low on the dazzle, are fast becoming a popular choice for modern brides.

There is uptight eye for buoyancy, finesse and froth as the brides prefer comfort and fit over the heavy old school shaadi wear. The traditional choli has been gracefully replaced with jackets and capes which highlights the individual taste. A-line dresses with cap sleeves and off shouldered gowns are also making an entry into Indian bridal fashion, with brides increasingly donning them at pre-wedding functions. For collection.check these.

Play With Colours

Bridal wear isn’t just about reds and whites anymore; colour is playing a major role in bringing out a modern bride’s style without screaming for attention. Blush, mauve, light teal, ice blue and light mint are great for that minimalistic yet classy style statement and are fast becoming common in bridal ensembles, especially at mehendis and sangeets. Ombres are making a big time comeback in bridal fashion and are ideal for the modern bride looking for a vibrant look without being too glamorous.


If you do not want to be much experimental with the colour, then you can try the colours having just a little twist in the traditional ones. In that case, some really great options for you can be, marsala, tangerine, brick red, etc. Apart from the colours, a flavour of bling is also required in an Indian bridal outfit to make it look complete. So, to ensure you adopt minimalism even in this aspect, try the lightweight stonework, pearls, thread embroidery, etc. This will let you ensure that your wedding dress looks no less than any conventional one that has heavy stonework or zardozi.

So, brides to be get ready to make a grand entry and make everybody astonish on your wedding day with the minimal trend.