Dressing up does not stop at necklaces, earrings and bangles. It’s the time to adorn you with body vines and mismatched jewellery too.

Jewellery has gone beyond its role of adornment to one that captures attention and mesmerizes. With a breathtaking variety of designs and combinations ranging from the traditional and contemporary to the eclectic and futuristic, one is spoilt for choice. We want to become a spoil brat and therefore we bring you few of our favourite jewellery trends that will surely be hitting the high street stores throughout the year!​


With every inch of the ear covered in precious jewels, ear cuff earrings are a huge elegant statement. Worn through a clip or stud fastening, they are decorated with shimmering stones, gem embellishments and flower motifs. This trend allows your ears to take the spotlight, with one earring or the pair. Remarkably edgy and funky, these chic pieces are a perfect way to complement the luxurious evening dress.

Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez are amongst the few Bollywood divas’ that have rocked this look, increasing its demand widely in the process


It’s a 90s throat trend re-introduced, the choker of the velvet. They are truly timeless add-ons. With their velvet material, the chokers provide a luxurious feel.  On the red carpet, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Neha Dhupia are working the neck accessory into their glamorous styles. The trick is in styling these neckpieces with an off-shoulder top or dress.


The beaded dangle of tassels has recently gained a huge popularity. From short, long, in every colour, tassel earrings make an elegant statement. Unlike the traditional red Chinese tassel earrings, these charms are not restricted to specific silk threads. Rather, they are a colourful mix of beads and tassels, giving them a boho chic vibe.


Stacked knuckle rings truly make a statement. This modern trend consists of double rings. The first ring is connected with the middle ring by a chain, which positions above the knuckle. Both rings can be put on the same finger, or the second ring can be worn on the thumb. And so, this understated circle can take you from day to night, without looking too simple or too dressy.