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Monsoon is considered to be the most romantic season. You might have decided to celebrate this romantic season by planning a monsoon wedding and we’re hundred percent behind you. However, a monsoon wedding needs extra planning, so that you and your guests don’t get wet in the rain.

Monsoon wedding ideas can be wonderful, fun and beautiful. It gives you a chance to have a tasty yet ‘monsoon’ menu, which has things that are only available in this season.

Check out a few colourful ideas for your monsoon wedding as suggested by experts:


ANNIE MUNJAL of STARSTRUCK WEDDING advises to start off with the selection of venue. If you haven’t booked already then it is highly recommended to book an indoor venue. An enclosed area, a banquet or a hall in hotel. Nobody wants to spoil their big day with an end moment rain shower that will create a hassle and spoil all the arrangements that have been made. If you have already booked an outdoor or open venue, then we can have waterproof tents up there to prevent unnecessary chaos. You can ask your tenting vendor to install gazebos and cabanas at the open area where all your guests can be seated. The open area surface should be levelled as in rain, it creates a problem of water clogging. The decorators can mount a heightened wooden spacing so that the guests don’t feel uncomfortable on ground with soil and water all round. These also require an addition to your estimated budget. It is suggested to have an indoor venue for a safer side. Also, your venue should be well accessible and easy transport is possible both for you as well for your guests too. There should be a proper way to move to and fro from the venue. It becomes easy for the guests as they might not be clear about the directions. The entrance and the way till the car should be nicely covered allowing guest to move in dry state. And if any case the area can’t be covered, ask your valet to escort the guests with large umbrellas to the venue. Keep door mats, towels and dry tissues ready for guests when they enter inside to help them freshen up themselves from rain.

Power cuts are also frequent phenomenon during the monsoon. So, make sure that your wedding planner or manager coordinates with the venue staff for efficient power backup and generators to supply in case of power cut to not spoil the effervescence of the occasion.

For other functions apart from the wedding like mehandi and sangeet can be organized in open area or near the pool as some people also enjoy rain and will freshen up the mood in the scorching warm weather. It can be kept partly covered and open for both types of guests.

Moving further with décor, Annie adds that  you need to finalise what kind of lights, colour or theme to follow, their do’s and don’ts. The rain brings down the pop and vibrancy of the show so it is highly suggested to use colours like turquoise, peach, pastel shades, basically which are pleasant to eyes. For monsoon wedding, vibrant and bright colours are the best suitable. For props, do not use fresh flowers like roses, lilies as they attract a lot of bugs and mosquitoes during rain and make guests uncomfortable. Use alternatives like crystals, glassware, fancy umbrellas, chandeliers and bright drapes to make the venue look bright and unique.


For brides, the big question arises what to wear, which hairstyle and makeup. The brides can choose drape saris over trail, flowy gowns as they will get messed up during rain and inconvenient to carry. Here, comfort is the most important thing, keep your dress not too heavy and comfortable to move around and have fun. Instead of going for heavy, cakey makeup, try to keep it minimal, simple, and natural waterproof is something you should go for according to your skin type.  Ask for a trial makeup from the makeup artist to get a look for your D-day. For hair, it is recommended to do not leave them completely open or keep them beach waves, go for messy buns, Victorian braids, either fully tucked or semi tucked as per your face cut. But do not keep your hair completely open as it will become hard to handle.


It is hard to score a wedding under the veil of starlight when clouds cover every spec of the skies. Yet, there are daring souls that decide to have their wedding during the monsoon months, and they have plenty of options to play with. Monsoon weddings have their own charm, not to mention discount benefits! Since a monsoon wedding would technically be considered ‘out of season’, one can easily bargain for better rates as vendor availability is not an issue. As opposed to winter months when one has to settle for whatever price is quoted. It is an opportunity to let your creative side flourish by inculcating some quirkiness in the wedding functions. Rain imparts magical vibes, accompanied by the exquisite scent of petrichor. One can bank upon this aura to explore a rainforest theme for the Sangeet (hand out every woman a leaf skirt!) or a colourful sundowner pool Mehendi to enjoy a beachside fun feeling. Be sure to tell your guests in advance though, so they come prepared.

All the little things that we associate with monsoon season- use them to enhance the creative quality of your wedding theme. What’s the first thing that strikes to your mind when you think of monsoon? Umbrellas, raincoats, greenery, cups of hot chai, pitter-patter of water drops, sweet scent of earth and there are many more elements that can act as trigger for your imagination. Colourful tents, decorations of inverted umbrellas, candles to set a magical ambience, monsoon-themed invites, and some hot and comforting food and beverages should be available on hand so that when the rain actually pours, it doesn’t drown away your perfect wedding setting!



​NARENDRA PRABHU, GM, SIGNATURE CLUB RESORT says that, monsoons are anyway, a lot of fun, not just for the couple, but for their friends and families as well. And though monsoon weddings sound extremely romantic, there are some concerns that couples tying the knot during the season need to tackle. No wedding is complete without a plethora of good food! Weddings are never boring, and we all know why- for its wide spread menu! One of the most loved and talked about aspects of weddings is the time when all come together to relish over the banquet that includes sumptuous spread to creamy curries and classic beverages to the rich chocolaty desserts.

Talking about food, to begin with, soups and salads are a must starting from cream of chicken soup to cream of vegetable soup to the likes of Russian salad and Chicken Caesar Saladare some of the beloved starters. And, then comes the appetizers of the evening to satiate your taste buds ranging from richly prepared Adraki Fish Tikka to Fish in Hot Garlicfor coastal food lovers and the all-timefavourites like Bar-Be-Qued Chicken Wings to Lasooni Murgh Tikka and Mutton Shammi Kababs to Shredded Lamb are some of the mouth-watering delicacies.

Next in line is the Main Course as a part of the royal spread that includes -Bhuna Ghost, Mutton Bhindalooand Murgh Afghani to authentic coastal options likeBengali Fish Curry, Goan Fish Curry and PunjabiFish Curry and many more. Vegetarian spread will also havemultiple mouth-watering dishes such as PaneeKolapuri to Aloo Dum Kashmiri to Navratan Korma. The above accompanied by rice, roti and delicious dishes made out of rice – Biryani or Fried Rice are a must as a part of the banquet as well. Last but not the least comes the delicious desserts; SemiyaPaysam, Pineapple Kesari, Gajjar Ka Halwa and much more that completes a perfect wedding meal.


Décor for a monsoon wedding can be very alluring if some precautions are taken. Here are few do’s and don’ts for a monsoon wedding décor.


  • You can plan a rain dance party as part of your pre-wedding event
  • Decoration should be done using neons, flowery drapes and ribbon décor. They will suit the ambience.
  • You should most definitely have a monsoon-based theme for your wedding and add the same to your stationary that you would give out to your friends and family.
  • Your guests would need to wrap up their phones and belongings while in the rain, so arrange for personalized waterproof bags.


  • Heels don’t go well with rains.
  • Don’t have flower-based decorations, prefer parachute material gazebo, floral prints in the drape and artificial flowers.​