As monsoon arrives, the prevalent fashion trend goes through a massive change. The season brings with it a range of colours, styles and mood. A major question comes to the mind that what type of garment or casual clothing will help change the looks. For men, nothing can beat funky t-shirts for monsoon. They are mere essentials forming the very building block of style. The best part of this casual attire is that it may be worn by people of all age groups. However, to become the talk of the town, you need more than just funky t-shirts. Follow the given monsoon clothing tips to stay stylish and cool.

Add that splash of brightness to your life by opting for colourful stylish shirts. Lighten up the gloomy and dull weather by adding a riot of colours to your wardrobe. Since, light cotton shirts are a must-have in monsoons, they can make you comfortable. You may choose printed or casual shirts to attain that fun, yet sophisticated look. Try out collars like brownish green, orange, pink and purple that reflect your personality.

An unstructured blazer in light shade can make you appear effortlessly masculine. Hues like, gray and blue are perfect for the monsoon season. For the evening, pair up the blazer with a collar luxury shirt while throwing a vintage and printed silk pocket square. You may wear navy check trousers and strapped brown shoes to appear stylish. Preferably, wear shoes that are easily washable.

Denims are best to wear in monsoon as they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Just pair your denims with any shirt or T-shirt and you are done.

You can sport a stylish watch, but make sure that it is waterproof. You never know when it starts pouring down. Purchase a trendy waterproof watch and make that a part of your monsoon ensemble.

So, now that you know the clothes and accessories to adopt, what is your monsoon style statement going to be?