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There is a certain charm in the air of winter. The lighted up cosy streets, colourful markets, a cup of tea, the fragrance of flowers and clear moonlit nights! Winter also doubles up as a romantic season and is considered auspicious as per the Hindu Wedding Calendar. Winter Weddings are simply perfect for a number of reasons. One being that in the chill of the winter winds, silk saris and grand sherwanis look resplendent without making one sweat and fret. Every bride likes to look like a princess on her wedding day, and thanks to the welcoming chill in the air, elaborate hairstyles and makeup will not run or become clammy with sweat! Winter weddings are also a delight for every wedding planner. You get the best of flowers, caterers can provide the choicest fruits and dishes, and even the grand centrepiece ice-sculpture will remain for a longer time.

Planning the wedding can be tricky as one has to keep in mind, the comfort level of bride, groom as well as all the guests. If the decor and the central theme of the wedding are predefined, it makes things much simpler. Ravishing Wedding, in this issue, will highlight a few uncanny but breathtaking colour themes for saying your vows in winters. So, look no further as we have all that it takes to make your wedding immaculate.

Moving up one step on your bridal dream staircase, we have designer Mona Puniani on the cover who with her creative and ingenuous bridal creations will surely set the mood for a mesmerizing wedding. All her glory and glamour is well deserved! Catch her talk about fashion and life fundas in the inside cover story.

Also, speaking of weddings and winter, we are pleased to announce Ravishing Wedding Awards 2014 which will be officially launched in December with all the pomp and show. What a better way to felicitate all those who made an impact on the wedding industry in 2014? The Awards launch party will see the declaration of nomination categories along with the names of nominees in each segment. The grand Ravishing trophy will be unveiled amidst fun, laughter, dance and music. Let’s witness the big moments of wedding industry and be a part of the biggest wedding awards of the country!

Cheers to that!

R.K. Nanda

(Editor – Ravishing Wedding)