Theme it up


If your big day is sometime in coming months, we’ve got some uniquely beautiful themes that we hope will leave you feeling inspired and even more excited to plan it. Thereis nothing more satisfying than seeing your guests revel and participate enjoyably at your wedding. Choosing a unique wedding theme can set a mood to your wedding and help put all your unique elements together. Shades of green along with pastel and pink elements are in trend for colour themed wedding and unconventional centerpieces are becoming a favorite.

Rustic Theme Weddings

A rustic looking wedding mandap and Vedi are in this wedding season. Rustic has been a HUGE theme for a few years now, so it comes as no surprise that this takes second place. Think mason jars, naked cakes, burlap and lace.

Disney Wedding Theme

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, you may not have realized that Disney is a hugewedding theme right now! We are seeing everything from Cinderella, to Ariel, to Frozen, and more. However, the most popular among Disney themes right now is Beauty and the Beast.

Pastel theme weddings

You simply cannot go wrong with pretty pinks, pastels and peachy hues. This theme is romantic and elegant and works very well for wedding throughout the year. From curtains to decorating your Mandap to little accents like flowers and cutlery. You can add pastels to every element to accentuate and make your ceremony vibrant.

Green Garden Theme

Why not step-up and be more creative? Indoor garden wedding theme or indoor forest theme is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Suitable for all seasons, this theme is full of beauty and serenity. Entrance and walls covered with greens, exotic plants and flowers, trees with hanging lanterns, candles complementing the green and shiny chandeliers make it look like a fairy-tale come true. Dining area and cocktail bar will be decorated with a perfect balance of green plants over the grille and golden-yellow lights. Delight your guests in an ambiance of starry lights exquisitely arranged in a nature-green theme. This wedding theme is definitely for the ones who seek an everlasting memory of their marriage with a distinguished touch.

Contemporary Wedding Theme

If there exists an evergreen wedding theme, the contemporary decor theme it is. Bringing with it the modern westernized charm, a contemporary theme is a popular choice amongst those who seek a colorful and elegant backdrop. Try to visualize your wedding function in golden-yellow lights, crystal lounges, assorted flower decors and LED screens streamlining every happening. The ‘couple of the night’ does not even needs a formal stage. Instead, they can interact with the guests in person. Sparkling cocktail bar, colorful curtains, and tempting contemporary cuisine are sure to entertain the guests to the fullest. Contemporary wedding theme comes with a royal touch of perfectly blended colors, excellent lighting, and celebratory ambiance.

Vintage Theme

Vintage is one of those themes that can really go anyway, depending on your interpretation of it. Generally, it seems when people say “vintage” as a wedding theme they tend to mean vintage like Grandma’s old doilies and antique furniture. This is one of those themes that is often interchangeable with rustic. However, there are also those who say “vintage” and mean a more “rat pack” or 50’s type of vibe as well. This theme is very different to different people.

Fusion Wedding Theme

Indeed, it is as fabulous as it sounds! A little mix of both the Indian and English culture can give a glamorous finish to your dreamed wedding day. Typically, fusion weddings are favorite amongst couples where both belong to different cultures. Imagine a dress code, cuisine, decor, and music combining the best of both worlds. No wonder fusion weddings are so fun and cherished. You can arrange for cultural dances from families on both the sides, include traditional recipes and even perform matrimonial ceremonies according to them. A fusion wedding theme is highly personalized and creative. You can list all your requirements with your venue host and have a remarkable fusion wedding experience. Decorate the place with an array of flowers and novelties, themed curtain drops and stage. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the cocktail bar too! Common fusion themes are Indian-English, Punjabi-Rajasthani, Indo-Thailand, etc.

Uniquely Themed Weddings

Your wedding day is a unique event and many couples decide to make it exactly that by choosing a theme that reflects something about them. It may be a favourite film or book: Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby. Or you might choose to do something seasonal such as a Halloween theme for an autumn wedding.  The possibilities are limitless although again you need to bear in mind you have guests and expecting your 80-year-old grandmother to dress up as ‘the Mother of Dragons’ for your Game of Thrones themed wedding might be a step too far!

Vivacious Violet Theme

Violet is Pantone colour of 2018 and we will be seeing a lot of it this wedding season. Design your wedding mandap, entrance, lighting, dining area, flowers, wedding cake, and invitations with violet. Make violet and gold the theme of your wedding for it to look royal. You can merge the colour with silver or gold throughout all the aspects of the shaadi. Violet and gold inlay work on invitations with the text in gold or white is a beautiful way to send out elegant invites. Decorate your centrepieces with violet and white orchids or other flowers that are varied shades of violet.


Minimalism Theme

2018 is dedicated to stripping back to clear, open spaces and moving towards a more minimalistic look. Light accessories, natural light and bright white venues are dominating the wedding scene for 2018; prepare for the Pinterest take-over. As part of the minimalist wedding theme, a focus on the finer details is key. Incorporate metallic table décor, crisp lighting and wonderfully white flowers in to your reception.Sometimes all a room needs is a hint of crispy white light or festoon lighting in the middle of the dancefloor. If your venue is stunning, make sure you shine a light on it.

Metallics Theme

As mentioned above, metallic details have proven popular in 2017 and will be even more so in 2018. While brass and rose, gold have enjoyed the spotlight for the last few years, gold and silver are entering the mix. We are seeing this theme in many aspects of your special day, from metallic lighting fittings, candle holders, centerpieces and even gold wedding cakes. To embrace the metallic trend, make sure your lighting complements the metallic theme by making the most of the reflective surfaces around. quirky-shaped bulbs and brass light fixtures can add real depth to a room, while still reflecting the theme.